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Questions for Crazy Horse

Hypothetical Conversations with the strange Warrior of the Oglala Lakota



Oliver Tuthill's feature length examination of the myth of one of the most famous Oglala Lakota Sioux warriors of the last two centuries who was assassinated while still in his thirties, never allowed his picture to be taken, and who was never defeated on the battlefield by the United States military. This film takes an introspective look into how American Indians perceive him and what questions they would have for him concerning contemporary problems if he were alive today. The film also features the Crazy Horse Memorial, the largest rock sculpture in the world being constructed in the Black Hills and its creator Korczak Ziolkowski. Features Russell Means, Jay Red Hawk, Junal Gerlach, and Ed (Eagle Man) McGaa. Narrated by Oliver Tuthill.



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All documents, models, paintings and the mountain carving are copyright designated
to the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation and Mrs. Korczak Ziolkowski.

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