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About Blue Wood

The president of Blue Wood Films is Oliver W. Tuthill Jr.

Oliver Tuthill has been making movies and music since he was eight years of age. As a child he got his first guitar from a Sears Catalog and found his first Bell and Howell 8mm movie camera in a pawn shop in Chicago. He cut his first record at nine and by the time he was fourteen Tuthill had made over 100 films, primarily in the western, crime, horror and drama genres. He wrote and produced plays and radio dramas too. Every Saturday night in the summer was movie night in Tuthill's neighborhood when he would show his films for the modest admission of ten cents in a friend's five acre backyard.

He moved to Hollywood in the seventies, signed a recording contract with GNP Crescendo Records, published songs with CBS and April Blackwood, and appeared as a Los Angeles Police Officer in a scene with star Jack Klugman in the top rated television show of 1979 - Quincy. As an actor he has worked with Hollywood veterans such as Jonathan Demme, Colby Chester, Blythe Danner, Edward Hermann, Andy Griffith, Ed O'Herlihy, Craig Wasson, Kris Kristofferson, Burt Reynolds, Dick O'Neil and many others.

Tuthill, who has won a slew of awards (seven Bronze Tellys, three Silver Tellys, Three Emerald City Awards, Producer of the year 2003, and the Washington State Governor's Award in Media in 2002) is now concentrating on bringing the life of ancient Roman Emperor Constantine The Great to the screen with his full length screenplay based on his play The Nightmares of Constantine The Great which he wrote and produced at the Erickson Theater Off Broadway in Seattle in the spring of 2008.

Tuthill's last narrative feature, The Right to Bear Arms starring John Savage (The Deer Hunter), was picked up by Circus Road Films based out of Los Angeles. The film recently won an Honorable Mention at the Los Angeles Film and Script Festival.

For ten years Tuthill was the Executive Director of a nonprofit film corporation called Autumn Tree Productions where he oversaw the production of educational documentaries on emotional child abuse. In 2002 he won the Washington State Governor's Award in Media from then Governor Gary Locke. Many of the films he produced are with educational institutions around the world. He holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from Antioch University Seattle.

Constantine The Great will explore the life of a man who saved the Christians from persecution, outlawed execution by crucifixion, created a law against parents killing their children and made marriage a holy union. Thousands of women, even in the upper classes, were drawn to Christianity because of the sacrament of marriage and the protection that it afforded. When Constantine made Christianity the official religion of Rome it quickly spread around the world.

Tuthill also works as an instructor at the Seattle Film Institute where he teaches Blocking and Staging for Camera. He has offered classes at 911 Media Arts and Seattle Central Community College where he not only taught aspiring filmmakers in the film school but also Drama in the acting department.

As a Writer/Director/Producer Tuthill believes in getting his story on the screen by staying faithful to his script and artistic vision, but he does believe in collaboration and hearing out what others working with him feel. He has a history of actively asking for suggestions from his fellow artists and producers, but once production has commenced and everyone is on set, his word as director is decisive.

"If you can take people's minds off their problems and bring them into the moment, then the rewards for that skill are almost beyond comprehension."

—Oliver W. Tuthill Jr.




“A great Cinematographer. A great Director. A great Storyteller.”

— Jay Red Hawk














“He has set high standards in the film industry with his work on social justice issues and Native Americans. It is my honor to present him with the 2003 Horace Mann Award.”

— Tullisse A. Murdock
    Antioch University













“He is a very gifted Writer-Director with an abundance of talent.”

— Sheila Smith

    Mrs. Washington

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